Many businesses are changing the way they handle transactions in light of the recent pandemic. And Audi Albany is right there with them.

Read below to learn about our contactless car sales and service methods that adhere to social distancing guidelines and CDC compliance.

Contactless Car Buying and Service at Audi Albany

Contactless Shopping

You don’t have to leave the safety of your own home to purchase a vehicle from Audi Albany. With our Audi at Your Door program, you can:

  • Browse our selection of new or pre-owned vehicles for sale online
  • Have a car brought to your home for a test drive
  • Appraise any trade-in vehicles online
  • Work out a financing agreement digitally or over the phone
  • Complete the purchase virtually
  • Have the car delivered right to your home

Additional Cleaning

We are taking additional measures to sanitize and disinfect our facility while paying special attention to door handles, restrooms, work stations and our customer lounge. Service shuttles and loaner vehicles are also being given a more thorough cleaning after each use.

Pickup and Delivery for Service and Repairs

While you are certainly welcome to bring your car to us for service, it is not necessary to do so. You can schedule a pickup time online and our team will come to your house and pick up your vehicle, take it to our facility for service or repairs and then deliver it right back to your driveway.

While your vehicles is in for service, our technicians will take the proper steps to keep your vehicle germ-free by wearing gloves and wiping down surfaces before it leaves our shop.

Virtual Assistance

Should you need any assistance or have any questions about financing, selection, or service, contact our friendly and helpful team by phone, email, or through a live online chat.